White Fillings

If you have a cavity, don’t despair. Dr. Franks delivers conservative treatment to eliminate early-stage decay and preserve oral health. Your all-white, composite resin filling will blend beautifully with your natural smile and restore comfort, durability, and appearance.

Beauty & Functionality

Amalgam fillings may temporarily preserve teeth, but they are dark and unattractive. Also, metal contracts and expands with heat and cold, oftentimes causing small cracks that allow bacteria to invade the tooth structure. Dr. Franks uses durable, long-lasting composite resin to restore decayed teeth. Composite resin resists stains and can be tinted to match natural tooth color, so looks natural.

If you need a new filling, we can gently remove decay with air abrasion, then apply a small amount of tinted composite resin to your tooth. The resin forms a seamless bond that can seal out cavity-causing bacteria and safeguard your tooth. Dr. Franks also replaces old, metal restorations with white fillings.

Since 1976, Dr. Franks has served families in Harlingen, San Benito, Mercedes, Weslaco, and surrounding areas by providing comfortable, compassionate, comprehensive dental care. Call today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Franks and preserve your tooth with an all-white filling. We can’t wait to make you smile!