Nizagara 100 mg pill as an efficient remedy for ED

Many people know what “the little blue pill” is, but only a few know its generic version: Nizagara. The drug is also based on sildenafil citrate and offers an identical effect at a way more competitive price.

Sildenafil holds a very peculiar potential for inhibiting a specific enzyme and thus allowing erections to occur. This enzyme is called PDE5, and that is why Nizagara and other sildenafil-based medications got the name PDE5 inhibitors due to their mechanism of action.

Order Nizagara

In short, when you take Nizagara, for the next 4 hours, you can get erections just as any other healthy man, and you can have as much sex as you want.

The important thing to point out is that Nizagara is a prescription drug, so you should consult a doctor before buying it, even if you decide to order the medication online without a prescription. It would be best if the doctor checks your medical history and evaluates your current health condition to be safe when using it. The recommended daily dose is one 100 mg pill.

Friendly Rx Pharmacy

Address: 651 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States
Phone: +7187323399
Rating: 4.2
Dosage: 100 mg


Had a prescription from this pharmacy and they put my medication on the delivery truck without me asking them to do so. On top of that, I had never even given them my address. They didn’t call me to report this error–I called the pharmacy to see if my prescription was ready because I was planning on picking up after work. That’s when I was told it was on the delivery truck (which I didn’t request) and that they had given it to the delivery truck WITHOUT MY ADDRESS…once I did give them my address, they told me the prescription was 20 minutes away from my Brooklyn home and I was currently at work in Manhattan…had to scramble to get my roommate to run home and pay for my prescription because of this sloppy situation. I have to keep using this pharmacy for a few weeks to finish my prescription but this kind of sloppy work is not acceptable when it comes to medical care and I will not be using Friendly Rx again.

Excellent Pharmacy! I wasn’t feeling well and needed a prescription filled. I needed the prescription delivered as I was too ill to bring it to the pharmacy. I hadn’t used FriendlyRx before but they will now be my regular pharmacy. I had my prescription filled and delivered within about an hour. The pharmacy staff are very helpful and the young man who delivers is very polite. Excellent service. I highly recommend this pharmacy. Excellent addition to our neighborhood.

Duane Reade

Address: 333 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States
Phone: +2122390167
Rating: 3.8

Horrible staff. Store was messy. The manager is complaining about moving merchandise for the cleaners to clean the floor. 2 workers are wandering around aimless saying “I ain’t doing that” and “This is bullh*t”. Cashier refused to honor sale that was marked on packages. She was more concerned talking with her co-workers and not doing her job. This is not the first time I have had such a disrespectful experience and not buy all the items I want. Duane Reade should put much thought and consideration into closing this location. It makes me want to stop shopping at Duane Reade/Walgreens completely..

I love this place because it’s close to the subway and that helps during winter time but I have been experiencing bad character from one of the workers called Christy, she talks anyhow to her co-workers especially the new guy called Patrick. It’s not about seniority but team work,when she starts to talk she should know she’s working and dealing with workers and her character determines where the customers to like the place or not.

Cross Bay Chemist

Address: 157-02 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414, United States
Phone: +7186599500
Rating: 4.7

I have an office next door to the Ozone Park store. I frequent the store for many items, in addition to my pharmaceutical needs. Not only is the store well stocked, it is clean and the prices are competitive with the big box stores. The staff is diligent (especially Mr. P). They has snacks, beverages and Lotto just to name a few items. You really have to stop in to see what they have and meet the staff at Cross Bay Chemist.

I like coming here because the pharmacists are very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, & most importantly meticulous. Also, if you are NOT a fan of generic drugs this is the place to come. And if you are a fan of generic drugs, this is still a better place to come than the big chain drug stores because Cross Bay Chemists usually carry higher-quality generics. In addition, although they do not carry the huge stock of other, miscellaneous goods that you would find at a big chain store, they do have a decent selection of necessities & then some. You can also find a nice selection of imported Italian candies that are yummy! Furthermore, they carry medical equipment & can special order items. This store is handicap-accessible, but do note that some of the aisles are a bit tight. This store has home & curb-side delivery. I highly recommend this pharmacy.

Market Pharmacy

Address: 19250 Reseda Blvd #2C, Northridge, CA 91324, United States
Phone: +8187017777
Rating: 4.0

The staff are great people they did more than just customer service. a problem accrued and instantly a PH-tech with a head set contacted my insurance to see what the problem is and see what they can do. I wasn’t able to afford what I was being prescribed so the lady’s at the window did all in there power to assist my situation and found a solution. Never been to a pharmacy were they have great communication with the doctors customers and them selfs the staff. Thank you all !

I just recently switched over to this Pharmacy buy recommendation of a friend and doctor I had an issue with my medical insurance they would not authorize my psych meds to be refilled a couple days early as I was going out of town. The staff here worked diligently to get this approved so I can tend to by Family Matters across the country without worrying about my medication. If you are thinking of switching to a smaller mom-and-pop type Pharmacy I hope this review helps