How to treat the black triangles between teeth?

Black triangles

What causes black triangles in between teeth? There are several causes for black triangles in between teeth. It may well be that your teeth are a naturally triangular shape, and you’ve had a little bit of gum disease and some bone recession in between your teeth. Therefore, it’s less than black triangle spaces in between your teeth.

It may well be that after braces you’ve had or the trauma through sort of poking things in between your teeth. Some people have habits of using toothpicks or something like that. It traumatizes your gums, and therefore, it’s caused the gums to recede.

The best thing and best advice is always to have really good oral hygiene. Make sure that you floss and use your interdental brushes to brush in between the teeth, and go and seek your advice from your dentist to find exactly what the cause is for you and what the treatments could be.

Several treatments are available for this sort of black triangles between teeth. It could be things like gum disease treatment, so you should make sure that your gums are really healthy.

Another option is gum grafting to sort of graft some gum in between the teeth or orthodontic treatment such as IPR or interproximal reduction, which is a reshaping of the tooth a little bit, so they come together a bit better to reduce that back triangle.

Other camouflaging treatments are composite bonding, where you can literally build up the side of that tooth, whether that triangle or veneers. Still, it’s best to go and talk to a dental practitioner to discuss which options are good for you.

Certainly, there is treatment out there, so you don’t have to worry too much.