Ordering Decadron (Dexamethasone) Online in USA

Decadron is a well-known and widely used drug used to treat worm infections in animals and humans. The drug has a crucial effect on the wellbeing of people all over the world and can compete with the fame of such medications like aspirin or penicillin. The WHO and the US FDA approved Decadron as an antiparasitic drug.

Decadron tabletsBecause of its high effectiveness, safety, and low cost, it helps to save the lives of millions, especially in the world’s poorest countries. The medication is well-tolerated and easy to take – only a single dose for oral administration. It has only a few side effects and is used mostly in areas where worm infections are widespread.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some studies showed that Decadron reduces the spreading of SARS-CoV-2, so it considers being a potential treatment for patients with coronavirus.

Based on these results and the fact that the drug is well studied and has a good safety profile, many countries such as Greece, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and some Latin countries include it in their COVID-19 treatment protocol.

FLCCC analyzed almost 30 studies and concluded that Decadron has a strong therapeutic effect in patients who had COVID-19. Also, a recent study showed that the treatment with Decadron reduced the mortality rate among patients by 75%.

Lifecare Pharmacy

Dosage: 1 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg
315 N San Saba #110, San Antonio, United States
Online store: https://lifecarepharmacy.com/
Phone: +12102127455
Rating: 4.5

Wish you could rank the pharmacy separately, seems like all the one stars are talking about the pharmacy. The store part is great, the staff is friendly, and when the line gets long, they’re usually staffed enough to bring someone to help. Shelves are always stocked, etc. Better experience store-wise here than the Walgreens across the street, but the Walgreens pharmacy part specifically is way better.

Best customer service I’ve ever experienced at a pharmacy. There’s always a friendly staff member willing to help in any way they can, and I have never had a negative encounter. I have had especially great customer service from the manager who goes out of his way to provide extra counseling on new medications and answer any questions within his scope of practice. I see some others writing negative reviews, but there are laws the pharmacists have to abide by, and of course, just like any other store, you have to wait your turn, so if you show up at a busy time, you might have to wait a little longer, but that is to be expected! I would highly recommend Lifecare Pharmacy!

Option Care Pharmacy

Dosage: 1 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg
14220 Northbrook Dr Suite 100B, San Antonio, United States
Online store: https://optioncarehealth.com/
Phone: +12104030429
Rating: 4.1

The staff, the pharmacist everyone that works at this pharmacy are amazing. They treat me with respect every time I go there. They are courteous, and they care to explain anything that I need to know about my prescriptions or diagnosis, anything that I need. They’re there to help me with. They don’t judge, which is an important thing for me, so I definitely would recommend this pharmacy to anyone. Also, the prices are fairly low. I’ve noticed that they have every prescription, even ones that were on backorder at other places because they are connected to the hospital. The hospital has every medicine LOL so yes, I give this place five out of five stars absolutely.

I personally always use the drive-through. Ever since Walgreens had to transfer a script here, at Option Care, I use them as my preferred pharmacist. The lady that greets you is always very nice. She makes sure that if arent familiar with our script. She will call the pharmacist right over to fill you in. Plus, it’s always under 5 mins unless people are in line. It has been about 10-15min to wait for me.

Legends Pharmacy

Dosage: 1 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg
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This pharmacy is all-around. It’s a pharmacy that gets you any medication you need. If they do not have it at the store, they request it from the drugstore/wholesaler. Forget to go from pharmacy to pharmacy when you can not find something or your medications run out in the places you visit often, Legends pharmacy is the alternative. They have parking for the handicapped, a wheelchair ramp, and a large parking lot. In addition to the pharmacy has a wide range of retail products, a huge OTC section, minimarkets, quinella, and cold drinks. Call, and you will get what does not exist in other pharmacies.

Hands down, one of the best pharmacies around!! From the amazing and caring staff, Les, Jennifer & Julie, to the store itself, I am never disappointed. They take the time to know their customers and help make sure you understand your prescriptions and any questions you have with the insurance. I love the gift and seasonal items as well!! Wonderful people and a beautiful pharmacy!!!!

AbsolutCare Pharmacy

Dosage: 1 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg
10119 Broadway, San Antonio, United States
Online store: http://absolutcarepharmacy.com/
Phone: +12103103060
Rating: 4.2

This is your neighborhood drug store! If you have been here a few times, you have most likely met Nick, the most helpful and kind cashier in the universe. He cheerfully says hello to everyone and remembers everyone, and even remembers your favorite treats! He will show you what’s on sale or hand you something new to try. He cares about people, and it shows. Every store, every pharmacy, every place needs a Nick. I love the deals at this Bartells, too, and they have a pretty great selection of toys, food, and seasonal items. The pharmacy staff has always been so great, and it’s my preferred place to pick up my meds. This AbsolutCare is our family favorite!

This AbsolutCare Pharmacy is a pretty solid store. The pharmacy staff gets an A+. Greg has been an amazing help several times when visiting. I do find that the register experience is often frustrating when checking out, and a lot of that is probably due to being understaffed… but they have finally incorporated a self-checkout which has definitely helped. Overall the store is clean and kept in order.