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Modafinil is most commonly prescribed for adults to treat sleep disorders like excessive daytime sleepiness or even narcolepsy. However, most people take the drug to enhance their memory abilities and cognition, improve brain performance and mental focus. Besides, the drug stimulates thinking, cognitive performance, or other mental functions.

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Stonegate Pharmacy

Address: 2501 W William Cannon Dr #203, Austin, United States
Phone: +5127072300
Rating: 4.3
Dosage: 200 mg


I have been using Stonegate Pharmacy for probably five years. It’s hard to believe there is actually a pharmacy where they still greet you by name when you come in the door. I’m pretty sure it’s also the oldest continually running pharmacy in Austin. They are obviously doing some good work to last this long and compete with the chain pharmacies all around them. It’s comforting to me that I know if I ever have a concern, I can speak to the owner/pharmacist directly. If you are looking for a pharmacy, I hope you give your business to Stonegate Pharmacy.

Stonegate Pharmacy customer service is unmatched! They always go above and beyond to make sure that our prescriptions are refilled timely. As a mom of a baby with a heart condition, having a pharmacy that takes the time to get us her medications quickly is so important. They are always very kind, friendly, and greet you by name, which is something that is lost on so many businesses these days. As long as their doors are open, we will never use any other pharmacy! I highly encourage to ditch the bigger pharmacies and come here.

Simon’s Pharmacy

Address: 3303 N Main St #2, Houston, United States
Phone: +7132226650
Rating: 3.6

I have been going here for 5+ years or more now. Each pharmacist is always responsive to questions. The support staff is always kind, always gets quick service, and rarely wait. Disregard all other disgruntled reviews as this is the best pharmacy around and cheapest as they always apply GoodRx coupons for me when I pay cash. Simon’s Pharmacy pickup has been a great new feature that I use often. I also have had no issues with them when refilling controlled substance prescriptions. Keep up the great work! Special shout out to Makijah & Pat (Pharmacists)!

I’ve had to deal with a lot of pharmacies in my day, and these guys are the best. They do everything they can to get you the lowest possible price for your script. They have home delivery also, which is great. The delivery guy had gone home for the night, so Phil dropped off a script at my house on his way home after hours, even though it wasn’t actually on his way home. Its was 20 min out of the way! Insurance paid for the script already. There was no reason for him to do this except for the fact that they care about their customers.

CureMed Pharmacy

Address: 353 Crooks Ave, Clifton, United States
Phone: +8622259432
Rating: 4.6

They’re fast. They say 15 mins to get our scripts filled, and it is less. I love it there, and they have the best customer service there! And Mark is the best pharmacist! AWESOME JOB, GUYS! I suggest if you guys are having problems waiting days at other pharmacies to get your prescriptions, then you should switch to CureMed Pharmacy. You will get them in less than 15 mins to get our prescription. Then you should switch over to Dinuba pharmacy WAY faster! Then no other pharmacy in Clifton, no long lines and very quick! CUREMED PHARMACY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

I’ve now been to this location in Clifton 3 times (all unexpected trips due to kids getting sick while on vacation in the area), and the staff there is wonderful, especially the pharmacist, Ted. We had to get a prescription filled ASAP this Memorial Day weekend, and he went above and beyond to make sure that it was transferred properly (long story). Ted was patient throughout the entire process, and b/c he was so willing to go the extra mile, our family was able to enjoy our holiday in the hill country. Thanks, Ted, for saving our trip!

Morrison’s Pharmacy

Address: 6113 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, United States
Phone: +2154822697
Rating: 4.1

Great service and dedication to their customers!! They were able to fill my homebound mother’s prescription even while being caught up in the rolling power outages caused by the most recent Winter weather. They proactively communicated when they thought power would come back on and how long they would need to fill the script once power was back. Additionally, they called to confirm the prescription was ready and that someone would be there, even if the power went back out, to make sure I could pick up the prescription on my mother’s behalf.

We transferred from CVS to Morrison’s, and we found the drive-through to be very fast and efficient on the pick up of prescriptions. When going inside, the staff is always friendly and courteous. The wait time is a lot less than any other pharmacy in town. My prescriptions are always 100% correct, and the pharmacist always provides information about the medications, not to mention all over-the-counter pharmacy products are always $2 to $3 less than any other pharmacy in town.